What do you mean by Internet?

What do you mean by Internet?


Internet is an interconnection between several computers of different types belonging to various networks all over the globe. It is a network of networks

History of Internet

In 1969, the department of Defense (DOD) of USA started a network called ARPANET (Advanced Research Project Administration Network). Later military allowed universities to join network, from where students developed it and giving birth to the very popular Internet.

Advantages of Internet

  • Share Information

Internet is very much used in sharing types of information from one end to another.

  • E-mail

E-mail is probably the most common and important service offered by the Internet. Various documents, letters, greeting etc. can be delivered almost instantly to people located in widely distant geographical areas through the E-mail.

  • Internet shopping Marketing

Shopping on internet is also becoming popular. Many of sites allow you to see the product details on the web and place the order.

Searching for Jobs

Job finding on the web is also a very important usage of Internet. The popular web sites are www.employmt.com, www.jobserve.com You may also post your resume for appraisal by different organization.


Games, puzzles, movie clips, music etc. Chat on the net is also a very common.


Universities and colleges provide their information on the wed. One can access the information about admission to the various courses, fee structure, scholarship details or any other revelant  information about a University or Institute from its web site.

Latest news

Latest news and features are also available in the Internet. Almost all newspaper, magazines and TV channels offer their services on their web sites. These newspapers and magazines send their publication to the customers by E-mail.

Accessing Libraries

Almost all-major libraries are on the web. It’s also a major use of the Internet. It is possible to search through the Internet for an article, book or journal available in various libraries.

What is Communication Protocol? 

Internet is a packet switching network. The data that is to be transmitted is converted into small packets. The software that is responsible for making this efficiently is TCP/IP.

What is Types of communication Protocol?

  • Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)
  • Internet Protocol (IP)

What is Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)?

Its breaks up the data to be sent into small packets, which are then, arranged in order at the destination computers.

What is Internet Protocol (IP)?

It is a set of convention used to pass packets from one host to another. It is responsible for routing the packets to a desired destination IP address. Packets are passed using three kinds of mechanism:


Bridges: Used to connect two network

Router: It connects two or more IP networks

Gateway :It allows different electronic network to talk to Internet

Internet Addressing System

The system of addressing on Internet is called IP addressing system. Each computer on network is called Host and has a name and a number that identifies it. The last three letters of the address are important because they provide information about the kind of organization to which the address belongs.

.edu                                  Educational Institute

.mil                                   Military Sites

.gov                                  Government Department

.net                                  Networking Organization

.com                                Commercial Organization

.int                                  Professional Organization

.org                                 Professional Societies

What is World Wide Web in Computer?

WWW is of servers that are interconnected through hypertext. Hypertext is a method of presenting information in which certain text is highlighted that, when selected displays more information on the particular topic. These highlighted items are called hyperlinks and allow user to navigate from one document to another that may be located on different servers.

Some Common Terminology related to www:

  • Browser: It is software that helps the user to navigate the www.
  • Web Server: Web server is a place where page resides.
  • Home page: Home page is the first or index page of information source.
  • HTML: HTML is the encoding scheme used to create a web documents.
  • HTTP: It is a protocol used on web to transfer hypertext document.
  • URL(Uniform resource locator): It is a web addressing scheme that spells out the exact location of an Internet resource.

Web Browsers

Web browsers are software packages that display web pages containing text, graphics, audio and video files and link to various other web pages. Web browser may be of two types, and GUI based or text based. Most popular web browsers are:

  • Mosaic: Mosaic was first web browser and was development by National Center for Super Computing Applications (NCSA) at the University of Illinois.
  • Netscape Navigator: This was first released in 1994 and is one of the fastest web browsers in the market.
  • Microsoft Internet explorer: This is based on NCSA Mosaic and is distributed under a licensing agreement with spyglass inc. This is shareware software and can be downloaded from the Internet.

Internet Service Provider

Internet Service Provider (ISP) is the agency, which enables users to access Internet Service. The ISP provide a user name and a password so that the user can have an account. The connection to ISP can be made over a telephone line, leased line or wireless/ radio link connections. At present there are number of service providers in India both in the public as well as in the private sectors. Some of them are Dishnet, VSNL, MTNL, SATYAM and MANTRA etc.

Type of Internet Connection

  • Dedicated Link Connection

It allows the user’s computer to remain connected to the Internet 24 hours a day. It can be setup over a telephone line using a modem.

  • Dial up connection

User can be connected to the Internet through a service provider. It is a temporary connection made between the user and ISP.

Requirements for Internet Access

To get an access to the Internet, following are the basic requirement:

  • A legal account with your local ISP
  • A Multimedia Computer with CD ROM drive, color monitor and speakers
  • Web Browser software
  • Modem
  • Telephone connection

Electronic Mail

Electronic Mail, popularly know as E-mail, E-mail is probably one of the most important services available on the Internet. This medium is being widely used to send and receive letters /notes or draft let it be personal or official. Every recipient of the E-mail must have an E-mail address. This mail address is used to send the mail. The E-mail is delivered to the inbox of the mail recipient.

Creating an E-mail

  • Connect computer to the Internet and open a website
  • Click at the Sign Up for a free mail account link from the main page. You will get a from fill this form on the computer itself.
  • You will get a few terms of service being provided by the website; at the end you will get two options: I accept and I do not accept. Just click at I accept option to proceed.
  • After the form is completely filled, please click at ‘sign up’ link.
  • You have got your e-mail address which will be as follows:
  • Your login-name @ host-name
  • You will always have to remember your password, which is a key to open your e-mail box.

Sending an E-mail

  • Open the website in which you have created you e-mail
  • Enter your login name and password and click at the Sign in link
  • After a moment your e-mail inbox has opened
  • To compose a mail, click on, new mail icon at the standard tool bar
  • Type recipient’s e-mail address, subject of the e-mail
  • Finally, type the message in the space you should enter the e-mail address of all the recipients, to whom you want to, sent a copy of the mail
  • Finally, click on the send button to send the mail

Deleting mail

  • Select the e-mail message from the Inbox
  • Click on the delete link available in your inbox
  • It will delete the current selected mail and send it to deleted item folder
  • You will further delete items from this folder

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